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Smart Bookmarker V1.0

Joomla extensions by R&D Team, aarthika.

Smart Blog V1.5

This is a small scale bog component for joomla 1.5. Where registered user can add post and also comment against the post.

Smart Bookmarker
"Smart Bookmarker V1.0" Module released. It is a simple book marking module for joomla 1.5 Native.

Article Bookmarker
Article Bookmarker V1.0 Plugin released. It is a simple article book marking plugin for joomla 1.5 Native with 2 style.

LightGallery 1.0
LightGallery 1.0, this is a simple light weight image gallery with lightbox slide show. From the admin side administrator can create category and add/upload photos.

Guest Book V1.0 Beta
Guest Book V1.0 Beta, this is a simple light weight guestbook component for Joomla1.5.x native

Simple Google Location Map modules(2)
Simple Google Map V1.0 Beta, this is a simple GMap module for Joomla1.5.x native. 2 modules are available. one is static GMap and the other one is Dynamic GMap.

Simple matrimonial component for Joomla1.5.

Features: - User can create profiles - Album Management - Private messaging - Search with more defined keywords This is only a Beta version. So please post your feedbacks and comments here http://dev.aarthikaindia.com/discussion-board/2-joomla-extensions.html


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